Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Creator, The Eye & 2012 in London’s Natural History Museum

Whilst in London over the bank holiday weekend, I made a visit to London’s Natural History Museum a priority. The museum provides visitors with a thought provoking journey on how‘they’ would like us to view our existence in this material reality. Of course everyone loves it – it’s all for free!
An area called the ‘red zone’ is dedicated to the Earth on topics such as ‘Today & Tomorrow’, ‘Restful Surface’ and ‘From The Beginning’.
On my journey around the red zone, I entered a huge chamber which contained a huge 3D model of earth complete with ascending escalator into the centre.
Working my way past this ‘model Earth’ I became aware of 6 huge statues standing at the other end of the hall. Inquisitive, I walked over, noticing that the statues were overshadowed by a huge drawing of ‘Saturn’ to my left.
There was no explicable reason for such a huge drawing of Saturn. For those with interests in ‘astrotheology’ and the pagan religions, you will understand that Saturn is the planetary equivalent of the deity ‘Satan’. The day ‘Saturday’ stems from both ‘Satan’ and ‘Saturn’ (Saturn day), and just so happens to be the day the western world ritually embarks on a big shopping trip. Naturally, the reason why Christmas has become associated with Santa, is because the name is an anagram of ‘Satan’ – the deity of materialism.
Saturn = Satan = Santa = Materialism (Shop on a ‘Satur’day, worship on a ‘Sun’day)
So to get back on track, this image of Saturn boldly resided in front of 6 statues. What were these statues you ask?

1.   A scientist
2.  An astronaut
3.   Medusa (a monstrous chthonic beast with snakes instead of hair) – a reference to the ‘Brotherhood Of The Snake’
4. The Cyclops (a primordial giants with a single eye in the middle of its forehead) – a reference to, you guessed it, ‘The All Seeing Eye’
5.  Atlas – a reference to ‘Atlantis’
6. and finally… The Creator:
‘The Creator’ statue is a recreation of the painting by William Blake called Urizen ‘the Creator of the Material World’. Here’s the original for reference:
The statue / painting depicts the demiurge, creator of the material world, holding an open compass and thus forming a pyramid. I have covered William Blake in a previous post concerning the ‘London Olympics 2012′, and although never publicly a Freemason, he was clearly educated in the esoteric. His paintings abide to esoteric creation myths, in that our material world is the constuct of a demiurge, a deity who was created and fell from the supreme being. In other words the opposite to the Christian definition of ‘God’.
For reference, here’s the emblem of the Freemasons, a set square and compass, from which the compass found on the statue was borrowed (notice the compass contains an ‘eye’ exactly where you’d expect to find it):
Ask yourself this question, why would the Natural History Museum choose such a set of statues to represent the history of the planet, given that Christianity is the original faith of Britain? And why are they in front of a huge drawing of Saturn – the deity of materialism?
Having had my sensors awoken, I realised that there were bound to be further clues in the red zone. I jumped on the escalator which saw me ascend through the centre of the model planet up to the second floor.
Low and behold, straight in front of me… the occultists had been at it again.. this time with a video wall in the shape of a clock.
The video showed a history of the planet condensed into 12 hours, where 1 o’clock documented the creation of the planet and 12 o’clock it’s subsequent demise.
As I stood there watching this video, I could feel deep down that something was looming around the 12 hour mark. My intuition served me correct:
Did you hear it?
At 8 seconds, you will hear the words “Humans evolve just 20 seconds before 12 o’clock… It’s now…”.
So, humans evolve 20 seconds before 12 o’clock….? Or is that 2012!
I had to know whether this was me just hearing things, so I felt some calculations were in order to see if indeed, during the Earth’s 4.5 billion year history, our 4-5 million years of evolution would equate to 20 seconds on a 12 hour clock. (The fossil record shows that distinctively human traits appeared neither recently nor all at once. Rather, they evolved piecemeal over a period of roughly 5 million years. By 4 million years ago, humans were habitually bipedal yet had brains roughly a third of the size of a modern human’s. Source)
And my findings? If the world has existed for 4.5 billion years and human evolution active for 5 million years, our evolution equates to approximately 0.11% of the total time. 20 seconds on a 12 hour clock, represents 0.046% of the full time.
The figure of 20 seconds, as a metaphor for the length of human evolution is wrong (it should be around 45 seconds) and is merely an attempt to covertly put out the message of 2012.
Time restrictions meant my visit in the museum had to end there… but what I find worrying is the predictions the museum suggest might happen at 12 o’clock.
So we have a choice of:

1.  A new supercontinent forms? (a new world order perhaps…)
2.  An asteroid or comet collides with Earth?
3.    Mass extinction of all life on earth?
4.The Sun burns out engulfing the Earth in flames?

The museum genuinely seems to enjoy the doomsday scenarios that’s for sure! But joking aside, a statue of ‘The Creator’, ‘Cyclops’, ‘Atlas’ and ‘Medusa’ coupled with a video documenting our evolution at 20 seconds to 12, shows that the agenda is now coming into full public view!

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