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The Olympic Torch Relay & The Religion Of The NWO

With the recent commotion over the torch relay for the 2008 Beijing Olympics you’d be forgiven for asking why we even bother with it? Any responsible committee would have halted the parade after it became obvious it was being followed by violent protests. But no, we had to remain ‘in the Olympic spirit’ and presume that the keeping of a long-running tradition was so important that a little police brutality and a few hundred arrests were mere necessities.
Tibet’s been in an international dilemma for nearly 60 years since China sent in thousands of troops in 1950. Over the decades, several uprisings have been violently quashed by Chinese authorities, with many monks arrested or killed. The latest of these was in March 2008 and the outcome was once again predictable. China accused Tibet’s exiled “spiritual leader” the Dalai Lama of masterminding the violence – an accusation that should sound ludicrous for anyone who knows who the Dalai Lama is. The press then used the violence to aggravate global disapproval of China.
Conveniently the torch relay followed in the same month, and we were shown daily footage of “Free Tibet” supporters being rugby-tackled and beaten, all around the world, and this time none of us could avoid feelings of empathy and outrage.
Like with any clear theme in the media, questions must be asked as to the agenda – to whose advantage is a world of powerless pro-Tibetans? My alarm bells started ringing when I heard George W. Bush make comments in support of the movement. With this political support, and apparent propaganda campaigns like the US-backed pro-Tibet radio station Radio Free Asia, and calls for a boycott of the 2008 Olympics from celebrity actor-turned-activist Richard Gere, I started wondering how might our governments be benefiting from global compassion for “Free Tibet”?
Historically, Tibet has long captured the West’s imagination as the site of a mystical Utopia. This is fundamentally due to the Tibetan Monks’ practice of Buddhism.
Tibetan Buddhism is both non-violent and non-dogmatic and uses meditation as a means to attaining a higher spiritual understanding. Buddhism is different to Christianity in that it is not centred on a ‘God’ and is aimed at gaining insight into life’s true nature. The Buddhist believes there are 7 chakras in the human body of which four are of particular importance. 
I myself, am attuned to Reiki, and recognise the truth in this teaching.
Hearing of the Tibetan plight on the news every day for a month, I couldn’t help but think that there in itself lies an agenda.
Western news channels successfully manage to feed the population’s consciousness with fear and negativity in an effort to distort the reality around us. They are used as emotional tools providing the ‘elite’ with a powerful method of control. I have learnt they are not to be trusted, but there is a great deal to be learned from them.

The Tibetan Flag

Presenting the Tibetan flag (as used from 1912 to 1950 – when it was banned by China):
Do you see what I see?
Here we have a completed pyramid, with a sun at the apex. Inside the pyramid are a pair of ‘snow lions’ blazing with the manes of fearlessness.
“The Snow Lion is an archetypal thoughtform confluence or personification of the primordial playfullness of ‘joy’ and ‘bliss’ somewhat energetically comparable to the western unicorn.”
The Western Unicorn is significant, in that it contains a horn in the centre of its forehead. A spiritual third eye.
The three-coloured jewel held aloft represents the ever-present reverence respectfully held by the Tibetan people towards the Three Supreme Jewels (the Buddhist objects of refuge: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha). This could also be interpreted as the trinity.

Worship Of The ‘Son’

The Tibetan flag symbolically represents the same belief system as the “All Seeing Eye” on the American Dollar bill.
 Replace an eye for a sun and a pyramid for a mountain and you will see we are dealing with the same agenda, where all roads lead to worship of the sun.

Take a look at this photo of the 14th Dalai Lama (who is believed to be the current incarnation of a long line of Tulkus, or Buddhist Masters, who have become exempt from the wheel of death and rebirth. These ascended masters have chosen of their own free will to be reborn to this plane in order to teach humanity.
As you can see, he has been placed in front of the Tibetan flag, so that his head aligns directly with the centre of the sun. This is yet more evidence of ‘sun worship’ personified in man. Below is a painting of the 1st Dalai Lama; again here we have a pyramid with a solar disc behind the head of the ‘enlightened master.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics Torch Relay

The Dalai Lama’s recent actions, involving China and the Olympic Games, are all part of an intended plan to bring ‘sun worship’ and ‘spirituality’ to the forefront of everyone’s mind. There are numbers and dates surrounding the Olympic Torch relay and the foreign relations between the Dalai Lama and China, which insinuate a much greater plan is taking place! But first, the Olympic flame…

The Origins Of The Olympic Flame

The Olympic Torch today is ignited several months before the opening celebration of the Olympic Games at the site of the ancient Olympics in Olympia, Greece.
 Eleven women, representing the roles of priestesses, perform a ceremony in which the torch is kindled by the light of the Sun, its rays concentrated by a parabolic mirror.

The Modern Day Torch Relay

The 1936 Games were the first to employ the torch run. This was the 11th modern day Olympiad. The games were opened by Adolf Hitler in Berlin, Nazi Germany. 
Incidentally, Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 (33 degrees of Freemasonry anyone?).

The Flame Passes Through Lhasa, Tibet 2008

“The Olympic torch is set to pass through the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, on June 20-21. Chinese government officials have confirmed their plans to continue despite the ongoing protests and crackdown across ethnic Tibetan areas.”

Yes that’s right, the Olympic Flame which is lit by the ‘sun’ passes through Lhasa in Tibet on the Summer Solstice – the sun of most high!

The Dalai Lama’s Visit To The UK in 2008

The Dalai Lama began an 11-day visit to Britain Tuesday, including talks with Prime Minister Gordon Brown who faces a delicate balancing act of supporting Tibetan rights while not offending China

So as you can see here, the history of the Olympic Torch relay and the Dalai Lama’s recent actions are compounded with number 11 – sun worshipping symbolism.

Oh and we mustn’t forget that the Olympic Torch symbolises our ‘veiled’ moon Goddess – Isis (as seen here, ‘starring’ as the Statue Of Liberty in Escape From New York.

The Religion Of The New World Order

First and foremost, I would like you to consider the Tibetan flag. Symbolically you could say thatTibet became the blueprint for a religion based on ‘spiritual sun worship’.

Given that the 14th Dalai Lama predominantly takes refuge in Western countries, you could assume that he is in ‘the inner circle of those in the know’, given the ‘sun’ symbolism attributed to him.

Like any country, Tibet still has a class hierarchy and its religious leaders. With rumours abound that those on the bottom rungs still suffer in tremendous poverty, 
it becomes apparent that the last ‘spiritual’ hope in the world, still abides to a pyramidal power structure.

As I explained in a later post : Beijing Olympics 2008 : Zion & The Fifth World : BeiBei, the blue mascot for the Olympics 2008, represents spirit and is the only one to have a spiritual third eye. This correlates with the blue Olympic Ring, which represents the new cycle of time of which we are moving into.

One of my very first posts, involved the discovery of a spiritual chakra system in the UK Passport (sealed with inverted pentagrams)
Who is responsible for this if not our own government or royal figures?

To take this one step further, you can look to the Bible (a road map depicting the plan for a ‘New Order Of The Ages’) for answers. The Book of Revelations makes numerous references to the ‘seven seals’This is again symbolic for the seven chakras.

You could even look to the Mayan prophecies for more clues…

In a prophecy written in 1560, a Mayan high priest wrote:

“There ‘the masters of our souls’ arrived… there the counties were distributed to their chiefs. There we began to learn the holy faith. There water began to enter our heads. There were laid the foundations of the high church. The palace of God, the virtuous open house of God. There the principle of the seven sacraments was founded.”

Simply replace sacraments with chakras.

And this is where I propose that the religion of the New World Order, is indeed that of spirituality, but spirituality based on a power pyramid of oppression, based on the ascendancy of a ‘false messiah’ who is going to be declared the ‘Son of God’, the ‘Return of the King’!

The long declared goal of the Illuminati is to facilitate ascension for humanity under an enlightened spiritual hierachy. With our current capitalist society on the edge of collapsing under its own weight, it becomes clear that civilisation founded upon the principles of spirituality – not greed – is crucial for the survival of our home planet.

You may be aware of the Georgia Guidestones
 which were erected by an elusive character called RC Christian (with clear links to Christian Rosencrantz – founder of the Rosicrucians). 
Take note of the 3rd commandment for a new age which is found on the stones:

3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

How do you propose, with our multi-lingual planet, that we could phase out all but one language, unless indeed this refers not to a spoken language, but to telepathy?

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