Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Eyes In The Sky – Mexico

Have you ever been to Mexico? More specifically the Yucatan Peninsula?
Paying my respect to the lost cities of the Maya last month, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the region, the people, the weather and the food. If you you’ve never been, I highly recommend it.
However during my visit, a couple of things did concern me.
Here in the UK, we have been inundated with TETRA masts. To be more specific, these things…
The official definition of a TETRA mast (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is “a specialist Professional Mobile Radio and two-way transceiver, designed for use by government agencies, and specifically emergency services”. If i remember rightly, back in 1995 when i was 13, these things didn’t even exist… so why we need them now is beyond me. They are known to work on a beta wavelength, which happens to be the same frequency as our daytime brainwaves. The British Government offer private tennis courts £20,000 a year to host a TETRA mast, and there are thousands of them!

Meanwhile back in Mexico 
Literally the whole of the Yucatan Peninsula is covered by these peculiar red masts. At night they even put on a special light show for all on the ground to see. This got me thinking as to what they could be, with nothing but the words Project Blue Beam ringing through my head.

To ease my mind, i decided to ask the locals what they were, and with every question asked, they all pointed me in the direction of Calle 65 Norte, Merida. Determined to get to the bottom of this, i decided to take their advice and walk to presumably the headquarters of the company responsible for the masts.
On approach to the HQ i was stunned by a disgruntling buzzing sound from an electric security gate. At which point i turn my head skywards, to see the tallest mast in the region. I could see insignia on the mast, so I took out my long lens to grab a photo…
Low and behold, what do i see but… an eye… and a pyramid. 
The building surrounding the mast was guarded, and just so happened to be the French consulate.
Before being moved on with my camera, i managed to grab this shot through the electric security fence:
So to conclude, a company using eye and pyramid symbolism, control and run these tall red masts which permeate the Yucatan Peninsula, the Mayan Riviera
and maybe the whole of Mexico. A monopoly for sure.
Does that sound like a good thing?
After doing some research, i discovered the company responsible for the masts are Sipse -a Mexican television company. For me, this still leaves some anomalies:

1) These masts appear every 100 metres or so. In Britain, one TV mast can cover over a 100 square miles!

2) The HQ is protected by the French consulate.

3) It would be easy to get public support for hundreds of masts to be erected on the condition they were providing the nation with television. They are very unlikely to get permission for masts that control peoples minds!


  1. Thank you for keeping this information online.

  2. I'm sure he would've wanted as many people as possible to read it. knowledge is power, spread the word! :)