Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Schweppes Messiah

On Friday night, I had my first 11:11 incident. A special occasion called for a bottle of (aspartame free) indian tonic water, searching high and low, I settled on a bottle of Schweppes – a once in a decade event!
Whilst mixing two vodka tonics i saw something rather startling on the bottle, alarm bells rang in my head, at which point i looked down at the two glasses noticing that the ice cubes in each had arranged lenthways, forming the number 11:11.
For the uninitiated, 11:11 x 11:11 = 1234321. Pyramid numerology attributed to an imminent shift in conciousness. The universe had sent me a sign, reinforcing what my eyes were seeing on this particular bottle of Schweppes.

Schweppes, a British company, have Her Royal Majesty’s seal of approval. They were the first company to start selling carbonated soda drinks (information on how soda water affects human health) to the masses and own popular brands such as Dr. Pepper, 7-UP and Canada Dry. More recently, Schweppes joined forces with Cadbury’s to become one of the world’s largest junk food manufacturers. In short, killing the world softly!
“Pleasure of mixing”, their slogan, is testament to the fact that they are world famous for inventing the mixer, increasing the population’s alcohol intake and allowing us all to lose track of passing time since…. 1783.
More to the point, the logo…

As with my expose of the McDonald’s logo, you will see there are some very cunning messages here.
Working from the ground up, you will find a pyramid with no capstone. On top of the pyramid, presides an angel / the messiah. From the top of the figures head, energy envelopes the pyramid from top to bottom in the shape of an M (the same hidden meaning behind McDonald’s Golden Arches).
Note the year, 1783, which is only 7 years after the 1776 on the American Dollar Bill, and again 7 years after the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati. 
Now this is too close for comfort.
How do i interpret this? I believe that the logo symbolises that on completion of the pyramid, the world will see a Messianic figure presiding over the New World Order.
When do i believe this will happen? Between now and 21st December 2012.
I have one more piece to add to this puzzle involving the founder of Schweppes.
“Johann Jacob Schweppe (born 1740 in Witzenhausen, Hesse, Germany; died 1821 in Geneva) was a German watchmaker and silversmith.”
Ask yourself this, would the man responsible for founding Schweppes go on to define himself as a watchmaker? Or is this a hidden clue that it’s all about TIME!
You will find a page dedicated to Johann Jacob Schweppe on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain’s website. All roads lead to royalty… more soon.

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